Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Sets of Wings

Two Sets of Wings
This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media painting.

"She had two sets of wings to help her fly." ~Fannie Narte

The messages of this piece are based on the ideas of hope, encouragement, love, family, friendship, faith and possibilities.

When you wear a second set of wings, you’re stronger, you’re better able to walk through the storms of life, through daily challenges.

When you wear a second set of wings, it offers you clarity of mind to choose your next step based on your heart’s songs. Your journey becomes one that is in tune with your faith, beliefs and dreams.

Where do we get our second set of wings? From faith, from hope, from family, from friends, from love, from words that make our hearts dance, from dreams of possibilities.

I wish you a second set of wings . . .

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