Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blue Cat


My cousin Blue Cat doesn't like Mondays.  

He likes Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but he absolutely, positively doesn't like Mondays.  I don't know why he doesn't like Mondays.  It couldn't be because he doesn't like working because he's one of the most hard working cats I know.  In the day time, seven days a week, he keeps the house clean of mice and rats for the Farbers, and at night, seven nights a week, he hops into Mrs. Alice's laundry basket and rides in the back of her bicycle all the way to the Bauble-Q for his nightly set with the other cats playing his sax in the jazz band.  He works hard and plays hard and enjoys each day to its fullest, yet I don't know why he absolutely, positively doesn't like Mondays.  

I've asked him why he doesn't like Mondays, but he purrs sweetly and looks the other way.  I know he doesn't like talking about it, but I can't help it.  I'm just a curious cat.  Aunt Betsy told me not to be so curious and to stop asking so many questions.  

Perhaps some day Blue Cat will tell me why he doesn't like Mondays.  But today, I'll just be satisfied knowing that he's happy working hard and playing hard.  Uh-oh, gotta go.  No time to chat.  I don't want to be late for my appointment.  After all, it's Monday, my weekly luncheon date with my most favorite cousin in the whole wide world--Blue Cat.


Blue Mondays . . . feeling blue . . . who coined the phrase and meaning of Blue Mondays?  Why do we adopt someone else's phrases and meanings?  These are just a few of the things that make me go "hmmmmm."

I've always been a curious cat, always bothering my mom and asking her questions about anything and everything.  I would ask so many questions that she oftentimes responded to me in Hawaiian with words that meant "Shhh, be quiet.  You talk too much."  That made me ask yet another question:  Can a person talk too much?

You get the idea, right?  ;-D

At 50-something, my curiosity hasn't stopped.  I think my curiosity has increased and that curiosity has led me to reading many books and searching for my own answers to the whys and hows of the world.

My little story of the Blue Cat is a humorous short story inspired by my curiosity and my imaginings about how I must have affected my mom and everyone else in my life with my endless questions.

Blue Cat was made from my original mixed media painting.

So . . . can a person talk too much?  How much is too much?  Can I learn all the answers I need from books, or must I ask questions to get some of those answers?  So must I appropriate a certain amount of questions to each person each day?  Hah!   ♥♫♥

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Laurey Zoladz said...

Love the story, Blue cat is one of our favorites of your work ♥