Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wishes--New Fabric Panel

 Wishes, Fabric Panel
© 2011 Fannie Narte

"Wishes" was painted during my recent trip to Hawaii.  It was inspired by the many unique hats or fascinators at the wedding of Prince William and Kate.  I like wearing hats and wish we had that English tradition and wondered what my hat would look like if I attended their wedding.  I'm not sure if my hat would look like the image in this fabric panel, but it probably would have similar colors.


Many young girls fantasize about their dream weddings.  I wonder what they see.  Do they see themselves in the perfect wedding gown with a six-foot train?  Do they see their long curls draped over their bare shoulders beneath a veil of white netting sprinkled with pearls and crystals? 

Many young women fantasize about motherhood.  I wonder what they see. Do they see their babies wrapped in warm pink and blue blankets?  Do they see their little girls dressed in pink leotards, pink tutus and pink ballet slippers?  Do they see their little boys dressed in Sunday suits or wearing their baseball caps and new tennis shoes?

Many women fantasize about what they want to be when they grow up.  I wonder what you see.  Do you see yourself painting in your dream art studio?  Do you see yourself riding that elevator to the 51st floor holding your cell phone to your ear?  Do you see yourself winning that coveted quilt award?  Do you see yourself taking that long walk up to the stage to receive your Grammy?  Do you see yourself as President of the United States?

What are your Dreams?  What are your Hopes?  What do you wish for?

In my world, all things are possible.  In my magical world, Dreams, Hopes and Wishes are realized every day.

Dreams of finding true love . . . Wishes for an exciting new adventure where two hearts and two minds and two worlds are united in one Hope.

What are your Wishes . . .

Welcome to my world.  Enjoy

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