Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Introducing: Anna Serafin

Painting is my Meditation

Painting is a time I meditate.  I usually think about the events that are in my life at the moment, and that means I'm thinking about the things I'm grateful for: my family, my husband, my daughters, my grandchildren, etc.  I feel love and joy and think about the next time I get to see them and be able to play hide-and-seek with my grandchildren, paint with Kiki, play music and sing with my daughters and Tremayne, and spend reading time with my husband.  All these events are about love, nurturing relationships, sharing and elevating one another.  I call this experience "magic."

I paint because I want to; sometimes because I need to, to express what's in my heart.  

I don't think about making a sale or if anybody will like my art.  I just paint.  So when customers buy my fabric panels, made from my paintings, I feel grateful, happy that it brings joy to others.  I include an abundance of love and magic with each package shipped.  ;-D 

My fabric panels have reached a worldwide audience, and I've made many international friends because of them.  I love my job.

Anna from Poland

Anna is from Poland and she created these wonderful bags using my fabric panels.  Look at all the details and excellent workmanship.  Visit her blog to learn more about Anna and her art.

Thanks for the magic of friendship, Anna!

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