Sunday, April 3, 2011

Be True, Be You

This fabric panel was produced from my original mixed media painting.


Who are you?  Who do you want to become?

Teenagers, young adults and mature adults spend many dollars and hours finding themselves in clothes, toys, entertainment, shoes, homes, boats, tattoos, etc.  They explore and discover new ways of thinking and doing things that are different from previous generations.

They are the young at heart and the restless.  They are searching the world for something that makes them feel whole, feel accepted, feel understood.  They emulate rock stars and models and businessmen and businesswomen and journalists and politicians hoping to find something, some element, a special character or something magical that will make them feel at "home."

The search for self is good.  Everyone's search is uniquely personal.  It is a part of growing up.  One person's journey is different from another person's journey.  It's supposed to be that way.  If you travel by twos, it's only a temporary trip until one person takes a side road toward his or her path.  But that doesn't mean you cannot travel together any longer if you want to.  You can still travel together on the same road but the way you each see things along the way is one of the many elements that will be different, and that's okay too.  Different is okay.

Being different is what makes each of us special.

Discovering who you are, learning what makes you dance, searching for what makes your music blend with the heartbeat of those around you, and finding your way through mountains and over bridges that make your feet stronger and your vision wider--these are some of the keys that unlock the door to "home."  And when you finally discover that "home" is found within the vessel of your being, and you realize that your travels throughout the world were a necessary step to going "home," then you are able to live with generosity, to offer grace, and to share gratitude.  Your journey will have filled your soul with a magical sense of who you are and a knowledge of what your potential in this world can be, and you live each day to elevate those around you, you celebrate each day dancing your dreams and singing your songs knowing that the abundance you share will be returned in kind, and you feel "at home."

Welcome Home.  Be True, Be You.

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